Thursday, 13 March 2008

mtf - week 02 - blogging, what is it good for ?

A nice generally focused forum was this, my re-introduction to the world of the music technology forum.

The general discussion of blogs led me to entering "what is the point of blogging" into google.
was the first link.

"A posting every day; an interesting idea every three months…" is the sub-title of this blog, pretty much sums up most of the blogs I've seen.

On that positive and uplifting note here are two blogs I've come across that I quite like :), a selection of links to all sorts. In the past they've included east European balloon shaping competitions and another blog where the author blogged his next move was to go and talk to his sister's ex-boyfriend - who then killed him dead!
, this entry is a selection of interesting cloud shapes :)

“Music Technology Forum – Week 02 – Something to do with Blogging". University of Adelaide, Level 5 Hughes Building, Recording Space. 13 March 2008.

picture from :
Fresh Pics, "Rare Cloud Formations",, viewed 16/03/08

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