Monday, 12 November 2007

cc - sem 02 - Electroacoustic performance

The final version of connecting the Yamaha Disklavier to Plogue Bidule.

Cut to the chase. The recorded performance was 16 minutes long, so..
Plan B_excerpt_excerpt - this is a two minute excerpt of the below excerpt :)

Plan B _excerpt - this is a seven minute excerpt.

Here are links to a composite pdf of the Analysis, Program Note, initial Project Plan and Research documents.
and also a pdf of the score (as you can see above in the introductory gif).

Haines, Christian. CC1 - ElectroAcoustic Performance.pdf. 14/09/2007.

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Bradley Leffler said...

Hey, just listened to the 2 min. version, seems hypnotic, you should probably try putting some subliminal messages in it. UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE???????