Sunday, 28 October 2007

aa - week 12 - spatialisation

right to left - two copies panned left+right. each had sweeping eq (freq of high shelf) and sweeping volume. also slight delays - when sound was too the left, the RH sound was delayed a few ms. then as sound moved to the right, each file was adjusted to give more distant sound a delay.

back - two copies. HPF on one, LPF on other. HPF lower in level panned to 9.30 oclock, slight delay. LPF relatively higher volume panned to 11 oclock, slight reverb.

then combined the two concepts to get a sound that moves from left forward to center(ish) and then back to the right. using three copies, with the third having a BPF and phase inverted (just for good times) - using all above techniques.
the picture is of this one - you can see also a bit of reverb mix automation, as the sound gets closer the mix gets less reverb.

the fourth is slightly to the right. I used 3 copies, each with a stereo eq setting and some phae inversion, and also slight delay. i like this with no reverb.


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