Tuesday, 3 June 2008

mtf - week 11 - 3f1x

Here's a beautiful quote from an un-named author in a vitamin catalogue.
"Laundry powder - you know you'll use it up over time, so why buy a small bottle that'll only end up in the bin ?"
go green. Glow magazine. Winter 2008 edition.

This is just common sense, the like of which often falls by the wayside. A small bottle costs 1/3rd the price (or whatever) so obviously it's cheaper to buy the small one...... or is it ? Let's try a little math.
I do recall at some point in my dim distant past, supermarket trolleys with inbuilt calculators !!
Although, in personal research into toilet paper, as far as the Safe brand recycled paper is concerned, it is often cheaper (by the roll) to buy 9 rolls rather than the larger packet of 12 - I figure it is a super market conspiracy to shape purchasing.

My conclusion, is if that life is happiness, ethics is maintaining yourself in a state of conscious happiness rather than an unconscious zombie. ie buy bulk, use energy efficient lightglobes and give your mum a kiss XX

hurrah for being !!


Whittington, Steven. Harris, David. Forum presentation on Ethics and Technology at EMU space, University of Adelaide. 3rd June 2008.

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