Monday, 2 June 2008

aa2 - week 10 - mastering

I had a go at 'mastering' 3 different tracks. I used similiar chains on all 3, EQ, stereo imaging, and compression, although I experimented with multi band and single band.

Examples are first half pre-mastering, second half post-mastering.

This track, metal style, I think I lost a bit of overall level but gained clarity.

This track, weird pop style (early 90's), similiar result, loss of level but gain of clarity.

Third track, electronic, gained clarity and level. This one has fairly dirty synth pad that becomes more noticeable.

Sitting back and listening to them makes me keen to try again :)

I'm keen to try and use more EQ for pre compression control, narrowing in on particular frequencies, and to experiment more with compression I've always found compression amusingly difficult on a overall mix, individual instruments ok, but when you combine sounds it makes it another step difficult.

Grice, David. 2008. “AA2 – Mastering.” Seminar presented at the University of Adelaide 27th May.

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