Thursday, 20 November 2008

Creative Computing - Electroacoustic - Performance

EDIT 2012 : has been rejigged see

Inspired by modular synthesisers and Morton Subotnick's ghost boxes this project is a set of modular processes that can be routable in any which way (this can involve occasionally having oscillators with an output range of +3 to +76).

Ever excited by feedback, the performance piece is inspired by Robert Ashley's The Wolfman. Utilising much lower volumes but generally harsher tones.

Unfortunately I found it difficult to create a stand alone application. After finally nutting out various issues such as correct use of capitalisation when referring to filenames etc. The Collective Editor then decided to express a stream of errors previously unseen - as such, the existent stand alone is an early version with a number of unworking components.

Performance piece :
Project documentation :

This is the Max/MSP patches :

and the slightly working stand alone version - OSX

Haines, Christian. 2008. CC2 - ElectroAcoustic - Performance.pdf


Freddie said...

Too colourfull. FAIL!

edward kelly said...

but i need it colourful to distract you from how confusing the interface is ...

Freddie said...

Sounds to me as though that is appropriate.