Friday, 7 September 2007

cc - week 07 - live live

Well again, I have an amount of familiarity with the software to be used, so I jumped in.

I did an amount of pre-preperation, in that I played around for a while, then had some effects and loops pre-arranged before recording.

Example being the following envelope of the rez on the filter effect on track 4 (amusingly enough, Live occasionally seems to mix up the parameter names in some effects - probably the VST's themselves - in this case, the rez, is the cutoff).

I'm not sure how my version of 'Live Lite 6 M-Audio Enhanced Edition' differs from the university version, but I could use one VST effect and two Live audio effects.

I also played with the starting times and loop points of the samples.

Also setting the quantise to various values and restarting samples so they were not necessarily in time - I think I first started doing this to emulate badly beatmixed records :)
This is quite obvious at the beginning.

Once I had recorded an arrangement, I couldn't help myself doing a tiny amount of neatening :) Changing some volumes so they weren't too outrageous, also a bit of deleting to get it below 5 minutes.

And for good measure, I inadvertently decided to keep a semi-disco version.

In this version I mapped scenes to the keyboard, and played them this way.
I found this conflicted with other real time mouse editing, in that it changed the focus to the clip attached to the mapped key.

I did quite an amount of re-editing on the arrangement to neaten, shorten and make funkier (probably about 1 1/2 hours worth) - 90% of the ideas in this came from the 'live' version. I just did this because it was 9 minutes, and once I got started I couldn't stop editing :)

This example I bounced down two tracks so I could extend the 'bass' line at the end, so there are 5 clips effectively playing (on four tracks still), this also freed up an effect slot which I used to master compress - still working within limitations :)

Haines, Christian. Creative Computing week 07 lecture. University of Adelaide, 06 September 2007.

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