Sunday, 9 September 2007

related to audio arts - sound synthesis

i Have collected a few VSTi analog emulations. Given that we are now playing with the real ones, I thought I might just post some links : P

This is an emulation of
"Performer Synthesizer and Modulator.
Made by Ionic Industries, Morristown, New Jersey.
Built in 1973."

this Page features a number of synths and effects.
-the Neumixturtrautonium, a copy of a synth made in the 1930's (curiously ignored by Mark Carroll in his lectures : )
- a copy of a Roland SH-3a.
- an amalgamation of some Yamaha synths such as the CS-60, CS-80 and GX-1. - oh, these ones aren't all free :(

and this one, not quite analog at all... but very versatile routing of sections, has 3 osc 3 lfo 4 env per voice (and more). all the modulators can be routed anywhere...
and i had an ESQ-M, and loved it to bits (it did have analog filters on all the voices )

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