Thursday, 29 May 2008

CC2 - Week 10 - Interface Design

two offset windows for the multislider bpatcher, and the ramp value bpatcher..
note the blue slider...

With the variable size MultiSliders it can be hard to tell where in the cycle it is, so now the slider that is being called will change colour. This limits the variability size to 8 as that is the definable colours for candycane sliders. I could use mulitple Multisliders to get more than 8 sliders - but that is a programming challenge for the future.

I put a mulitslider in a bpatcher, with the use of offset to display additional settings - very cool, and space saving !!

However I discovered that I was unable to save presets in the bpatcher window.. I can save the presets in the original patch, but this is quite limiting but good for pre-loading. This caused me to leave the duration multislider as it was, as it uses a range of 0 - 5 for the sliders.

Also bpatching the ramp to controllers, making it neat, but again harder to use re. presets.

I dig the bpatcher, I really did what I did with the multisliders "other settings" button.

link to zip..

have worked out preset dilemna !! so have added more bpatchers..

Haines, Christain. 2008. CC2 - Week 10 - Interface Design - Planner.pdf

Cycling'74 2006, Max Tutorial, 11/1/2007,

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