Tuesday, 9 September 2008

cc2 - week 06 - music and signal processing

i thought it would be fun to create a melodic synth using variable length buffer playback.

so using the groove~ object, and converting midi pitch to milli seconds to control loop end point, bob's your uncle.

issues this time were, needint to set up the groove~ to loop continuously. and setting up the modulation via the receive~ #2, it took a bit of magic to get max to recognise. I actually had to create a second receive~ with the real name, before the argumentative one would work... the first time I've actually caught Max out with such a blatant suddenly it works manouevure !!

i would have liked to use the note on to trigger the loop from the start, this would have made longer loops potentially more interesting, however it did not eventuate.

zip file at:

Haines, Christian. 2008. 6. Sampling (1) - CC2 - Music and Signal Processing.pdf

Cycling'74. 2006, MSP Tutorials and Topics.


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