Tuesday, 2 September 2008

mtf - w33k 05 - negativland sez favourite things

rationale of satire.

sometimes people are so wrapped in their own truths their is no point in mentioning your perspective of the inadequecies of their argument (should you be of the mind to do so).

one way to respond is to take the piss.___

is this offensive ? possibly.
is this funny ? possibly.
is this worthwhile ? possibly.
is this dangerous ? possibly.

usefullness of satire.

we live in a world of abstractions. these abstractions are defined by ourselves. we make these definitions based on our current state of ego. our ego is attached to the world and is influenced by the world. the world may influence us through many ways.

education is the process of deliberate enlightenment. the external use of education requires that you have control over the times of others. school is one example, television is another.

satire must be a form of education, otherwise it is acting superior and laughing at others - this is potentially opening yourself to claims of ethical inappropriateness.


according to the wikipedia article "negativland", the band themselves created the link between "religion is stupid" and the axe murder. They apparently did this to get out of touring.

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Whittington, Stephen. Forum presenting Negativland's Our Favourite Things. University of Adelaide 28 August 2008.

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