Saturday, 20 September 2008

mtf - week 08 - my favourite erasehead

my favourite part of the film was the few minutes directly after - there was general silence. i think that i was not the only one slightly bemused by the experience.

one of my favourite movie watching techniques is to miss the opening section. by missing out on the character development and even major plot developments, you can then get a sense of wonder as nothing makes sense.

without missing the opening section, eraserhead gave me a similar situation. the movie, whilst never being clear, at least began to take recognisable form over time. but still there were incessantly weird bits i had no idea what was happening or what there relevance was..... eg it was not til after reading the blerb at wikipedia, i realised that the funny cheeked woman was "the woman in the radiator", also other symbolic imagery such as the cloud of eraser dust surrounding the hero as featured in the cover image...

i found myself walking outside soon after, and i felt most appreciative of the beautiful day that was revealed to my then current mind space.

Eraserhead. Dir. David Lynch. DVD. Libra Films.

David Harris. Music Technology Forum - Semester 2, Week 8 - My Favourite Things Lecture. University of Adelaide, South Australia, 18/09/2008.

Eraserhead. (viewed 20/09/2008)


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