Saturday, 30 August 2008

aa2 - week 05 - fmod designer

It is a tad disconcerting at first using something that doesnt quite behave as it looks ie an audio editor like audacity. And auditioning, where the file playpack position has nothing to do with where the cursor bar is, it takes a slight paradigm shift.

Apart from that, taking several hours to create a multi-channel audio file was the only annoyance.

The basic ideas behind FMOD are nothing new, they seem a new setting for automated envelopes really. I look forward to attempt some serious use of this as other manifestations of automated envelopes can be a bit annoying, and this has nice curve shaping :)

Oh, and there is a typo on page 126, that says to put the reverb setting at 0 (for point 4 on the SimDistance), with the picture that shows value 1. I used value 1.

zip with FMOD file and multichannel audio file are...

Haines, Christian. 2008. AA2 - Week 5 - Audio Engine Overview - Planner.pdf

pp 113 - 132. "Chapter 5 - Tutorial Projects". Creative 2007, FMOD DESIGNER:
USER MANUAL, Creative Labs, 2007, (

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