Saturday, 4 October 2008

aa2 - week 07 - game audio aesthetics

I did the voice over's for this weeks project.

Basically a wee tiny bit of script writing, recording the voices, processing (major eq, compression) running it with the video, editing the audio to fit as I imagined it(time compression and cutting). then shipping it off to Freddy.

As I was only responsible for one small section. The finished product was a reasonable surprise. With the final placement of the voice's I could have left my original audio as it was. I feel that there is a major gap in plot development after the voice over's but this was not my area :)
I guess I could have shipped either the longer version, or both versions, but this did not occur to me.

I imagine that if this were not done during holidays, and were done with cash flow then there would have been better communication ( I spent a lot of time away ), and more interaction with the final flow of events.

Here is the finished product as it appears on Freddies blog.

Haines, Christian. 2008. AA2 - Week 7 - Game Audio Aesthetics - Planner.pdf

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