Monday, 6 August 2007

AA - week 2 sem 2- environment mapping

Environment mapping / soundscape. [1]

So I recorded a carpark :)
I sat down next to an open drain where I could get a bit of nature.

Apart from the incessant car noises from the freeway about a kilometer away and pasing car noises from Main Road 100 meters away, noises included water, frogs (sound a bit like crickets in the recording), birds (chirping and flapping), the doorbell style noise and the refrigeration unit from the bottleshop, a distant horn type sound, a gate, wind in the trees (and wind over the microphone - oops, forgot about that aspect of outdoor recordings).

Before I started recording there was an amount of action in the carpark, a refrigerator truck, someone loading a ute, but when I started it all became reasonably quiet, except for someone manipulating one of the gates.

I live next door to this carpark and am well aware of the constant traffic noise. I considered various times of the day (possible varieties of traffic/animal sounds - actually recorded at 11.40ish am), and eventually just decided to do it.

Various sounds were easy to identify location wise, eg bottle shop door dinger, but others such as tree/windyness, distant horn/siren, were ambient to the point of being everywhere.

[1] Haines, Christian. Creative Computing week 01 lecture. University of Adelaide, 26 July 2007.

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Darren S said...

Then I guess you just label the media : Carpark, 11:40 am, (start time code here - end time code here). Guess you could get to work with the eq if you just wanted nature sounds but this wouldn't be a true audio sample or sound analysis of the location. Agreed, hard to hear what's 'really' there beyond the steady drone of civilisation.