Wednesday, 29 August 2007

cc - week 5 - midi sequencing (2)

the challenge - to humanise a downloaded midi file featuring guitar, bass, drums.. obviously classic instruments but not to midi.

My first thought was to look for some AC/DC, in particular, Jailbreak.. a classic !
However it didn't translate that well without vocals, but in the process I had discovered a few Black Sabbath tracks so I chose NIB.

I went through one track at a time, in fact one bar at a time, looping. Drums, then bass, then guitar (ooops, I mean batera, baxio, then guitarra - I think it was a spanish file perhaps).

Drums were fairly straight forward, modifying the velocities for different beats, shifting a few notes sideways - now that I think of it, I meant to programme in a minor tempo change but I'll save that for the next one.. Not particularly impressed with the ride, nor the hat sound, would have like more variation.

I put a bit of a pitch bend/slide in the bass which i quite enjoy, a bit of distortion and a LPF with a bit of resonance to make it a bit honkier.

The guitar I up and downed velocity, shifted, and there being two - classically panned, I delayed one whole side by an extra couple of ticks. Also a bit of distortion.

I bounced down the bass seperately so I could effect seperately to the guitars (only two VSTi's),
then again the guitars because the distortion I was using was mono and couldn't work out if Cubase could split a stereo pair to seperate effects..

Here is the pre version.

and here the humanified.

Haines, Christian. Creative Computing week 05 lecture. University of Adelaide, 23 August 2007.

Future Music. Tutorial - Making it Real - Emulating Bass, Computer Music Magazine.pdf

Future Music. Tutorial - Making it Real - Drums, Computer Music Magazine.pdf

Future Music. Tutorial - Making it Real - Emulating Guitar, Computer Music Magazine.pdf

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