Wednesday, 15 August 2007

cc - week 03 - more complicated synfasizer

more fun with bidule.

Well, I got offended by the constancy of the LFO amount. By using the base frequency of the note as a multiplier, I got a much more pleasing LFO that modulates around more of a constant pitch rather than frequency. Of course this was before I got to the end of the tute where there is the cents to freq ratio bidule :) I think mine works quite well so I've left it there out of hubris.

Spent quite a while on the filter LFO, it just wouldn't work. Tried copying and pasting the bidules from the tutorial but they would't work in mine.. finally tracked it down to an early variable I used to, an initial LFO level (0 to 1) as a multiplier of the note amplitude. Hmmpff, go figure.

And now I realise why he was putting the amplitude envelope after the filter (to get that noise osc), where I initially put it to modulate the oscillators themselves (mo good for the noise osc with no amp input).

And now all I've got to say for myself, is bleh.. It's so easy to confuse oneself in the myriad of options. I just spent the last 3 hours trying to get the 'finished' bidule to behave itself...ha.
You can see in the picture, how I'd somehow managed to connect that PWM osc (compared with the other oscillators), that in combination with some mute buttons made me restart 3 times:)

I think I might have to start again.

enjoy it all i sez.
the mp3

or go to

the bidule

Haines, Christian. Creative Computing week 01 lecture. University of Adelaide, 02 August 2007.

Bidule Tutorial 2 : Improving the synthesizer, 2006, 10/7/2006, viewed 15/08/2007.

Bidule Tutorial 3 : Filter modifications, 2006, 10/7/2006, viewed 15/08/2007.

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