Wednesday, 8 August 2007

CC - week 02 - symple synfasiser

Follow a tutorial and make a synth. [1]I can't follow instructions without getting sidetracked, this wasn't a problem until I forged ahead with the second of the plogue tutorials [2] and started adding the LFO's.

But getting back to the 'basic synth'. I've been interested in phase cancellation for quite a while, and last weeks exercise featured four oscillators all designed to interact with each other in the mono or stereo world. So I added another oscillator to the basic synth with a variable for its starting phase position, and then added an LFO to the same variable.
When you enter a high enough LFO amount it effectively turns in to pitch modulation, so I thought, I'll apply to the phase reset and make exciting new wave shapes :) This didn't work out so I abandoned for the interim.

Then I added an LFO to the pitch, I managed to use a few less blocks than the tutorial :) But I can't quite remember why/how. I just must be clever - except when it came to the LFO for the filter, I spent quite a while playing with variations on this, modifying how the LFO would react when it did go below zero. Eventually I just deleted it all :) Will have to explore further later.

Not sure why there's distortion, except it's when i choose sine for the two oscillators, and it's from the delay...and I like it !!

polysynth 01.mp3 or just press play___
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the bidule itself is at

[1] Haines, Christian. Creative Computing week 01 lecture. University of Adelaide, 02 August 2007.

[2] Bidule Tutorial 1 : A Simple Synthesizer, 2006, 10/7/2006, viewed 02/08/2007.

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