Tuesday, 14 August 2007

mtf - week 03 - oscillator circuit

well i built the oscillator circuit with a variable pot in it [1] and woo-hoo a widdly noise... it was great :)

then in the readings it mentioned that seeing as how the chip was 6 seperate inverters you could create 6 different oscillating circuits[2], that got me interested so in I went.

not really polyphony at all

It didn't sound like polyphony as this sample will demonstrate, but it was reasonably cool in an unstable wobbly noise.
It seems, with this bread board style of circuit connection, that I can never quite get all the attachments to work properly and consistently. There's generally a bit of non-commital noise, or massive fluctuations in the tone generated that don't match any sort of input.
So with this circuit not working, I was curious. Then I read the bit, "Don't jumper the oscillator outputs together... probably cause them to stop running."
I'd looked at the pretty pictures (circuit diagrams) and, not noticing the resistors, decided that you could do just that :)

I felt lucky that I'd got noise mayhem rather than nothing :)


Then I attempted the ring modulating circuit, it didn't work.

this didnt work either... oh the humanity
It worked at forum when Seb came and adjusted things[3], but at home everything looked great, but all I got was an unmodulated signal. The square wave was working, I tested that, but the circuit as a whole just didn't.
I did try setting the square wave at quite high and quite low frequencies but no modulation, oh well.... at least I got that non-polyphonic crazy noise.

[1] Music Technology Forum handout. Week 3 - Digital Logic Guide.pdf.

[2] Collins, Nicolas 2006. Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking, pp 111-133.

[3] “Music Technology Forum – Week 02 – Modular Electronics". University of Adelaide, Engineering North, Electronics Lab. 09 August 2007.

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