Saturday, 22 March 2008

AA2 - week 03 - recording the electric guitar

I set up the guitar with three microphones, the Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD-421, AKG C-414. These were adjusted for different takes.

First example is with the SM57 and MD-421 close to the speaker pointing across at the other side, the C-414 on hyper cardioid about 3-4' in front of the amp.
There is a mixture of each mic in this, giving quite a big pub rock sound - would be good as intro to a song. The C-414 in this case gives a good sense of depth/size to the sound.

Second is a little doom. Mixing the SM57 and the MD-421 together giving that slightly phased metal sound, lacking in mids.

Third example, undistorted picked guitar, a bit indie.. in this case the 57 and 421 are pointing more directly in at the edge, and the C-414 moved out to about 6'.
I created a stereo effect with panning the 5SM7 and MD-421 slightly out, and adding a little C-414 for roominess - it seems that a little of the reverb I was playing with also slipped in on the C-414.

There is also compression on each of the finalised mixes.

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