Wednesday, 12 March 2008

CC - Week 01 - pseudo programming

This weeks task : to transform input from a drum kit into a note on a 'musical device'.

I suppose I probably don't need to worry too much about certain assumptions, but am not entirely confident so will make a couple.

There is a drum kit, when one of the components is struck, this becomes the input.
The output is directed to a musical device with input mechanism undefined (could be midi, could be physical direct manipulation).
The program will stop running at the end.

So, the code (as expected the formatting was lost so I am effectively using 2 complementary images).

I was struck by the number of ways this exercise was possible, but mostly i was struck by 'CASE' hence my using this method.


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John Delany said...

Wow that drum kit is supreme style-plus!! All it needs now is some hexagon-shaped electronic toms from the 80s (in beige color) to top it off. Would be nice to have one at EMU.