Sunday, 16 March 2008

cc2 - week 02 - intro to max

Print a descending Pythagorean chromatic scale given a starting note.

Had a few problems with this, I couldn't see any way to complete this within the lesson content and tutorials - so looked at last years blogs for help. This exposed me to a few new objects which I integrated (looking at the readings helped as well).

However, I could only get it to print numeric output - but I did manage an object to show note names as they descended.

Also, by selecting starting note, this prints the selected note number- to make the scale clear, I added an effective information break (.:___) at the beginning and end of the output (I needed the delay otherwise the end break was inside the notelist).
I also thought it might be nice to include a clear window command but couldn't fine one.

The patch file is here,

"CC2 - Week 2 - Introduction to Max - Planner.pdf". Haines, Christian. 13/03/2008.

"Chapter 3 - Graphic Programming with Max". Winkler, Todd 2001, Composing
Interactive Music: Techniques and Ideas Using Max, The MIT Press.

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