Saturday, 22 March 2008


Well the predictions have proved correct - too much time can be spent on this Max !!

I spent far too long trying to work out how to use the modulo (%) to actually spit out a letter name... I figure I should be able to create a list (C,C#,D,D#...) then choose which item in the list to output but couldn't work it out, but figured another way which involved not quite as much typing as I could have done!!

I also discovered how to make things invisible in the lock mode, and how to draw striking boxes !!!
I spent a while also on the midiinfo object. I had a problem getting the MIDI output mode, but only just discovered putting the "1" into the left input halfway through writing this sentence !!!

Patch is at

I have also just added a panic button for extra goodness (not included on above picture).

just noticed a problem with opening a different patch in Max at Uni, so to be safe, here be the .txt version

Haines, Christain. 2008. CC2 - Week 3 - Program Structure - Planner.pdf

Winkler, Todd 2001. "Chapter 4 - Program Structure and Design". P71-78. Composing
Interactive Music: Techniques and Ideas Using Max, The MIT Press.

Cycling'74 2006, Max Tutorial, 11/1/2007,

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