Sunday, 6 April 2008


This week I recorded a saxopohone.

For whatever reason when I went into the studio there were but two microphone leads :?
So I recorded several takes with two microphones.

I used variously an AKG C-414, a Shure beta 56-A, and a pair of Rhode NT-5's.

For this first recording I made a little percussion loop which I got Nick the saxophonist to improvise over - this was to extend the useability of the recordings and give me a chance to place it in a mix.
Using the C-414 about 1.5m above the bell pointing down, and the 56-A sort of at the side pointing at the body below the bell.
A lot of room in this mic, which I've further added more reverb and a bit of EQ and compression to sit it in the mix.

This example has the 414 and 56-A in opposite positions to the previous example. Stereo panning, different volumes and a bit of compression.

Next example was recorded using the two NT-5's in an X-Y stereo position, vertically along the length of the sax, about 1 ft away.
This is presented here with no processing whatever - some interesting sax artifacts in the first little bit.

Next example features the two NT-5's, one above the sax about 1.5m pointing down, and the other pointing into the bell 20cm awayish. This is a mix of the two mic's, with some stereo panning and a bit of compression.

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