Monday, 7 April 2008


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A novelty this week was the coincidence of filmic presentations in my study life. By the time I got to forum and the presentation of a documentary about Pierre Henry, my filmic nerves were well strung. Hence what was potentially an interesting doco was slightly wasted on me. Not to say I didn't enjoy moments !! Monsieur Henry does seem to have a very delicate and well directed ear.

I have previously enjoyed Henry's "Variations for a door and a sigh", an amazingly delicate experience, not at all like his presentation of La Dixome, or his work with psychedelic rock. As I mentioned, he does have a fine honed sense of sound, it is not always necessarily pointed in the same direction as my own.

Unfortunately I was not ready to sit through another hour long non-interactive piece of film, nor was I ready to read all the subtitles !! So I sat in the corner, inspired by two other laptop typing students, to get my own out and perform our own symphony of key pressings to the accompaniment of the doco and it's following selections of other works - perhaps we were a bit rude/distracting, but I was at the time uncaring :(

I would like to offer apologies to anyone who was offended by the laptop frenzy in the corner, and for my part in it.
Although perhaps this was the interactive element in the normally interactive environment of the forum :?

I had previously been discussing the potential contents of the forum, and was excited by the potential of Stephen Whittington sharing some of his recent work/projects, and the following descent into video hell was no doubt worsened by my disappointment.

So I would like to finish this post with a suggestion that perhaps Stephen and even Christian (whose work I have been curious about for a while) would like to present a short dissertation on one of their recent participations :)

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Music Technology Forum, presented at the EMU recording space, Adelaide University. 03 April 2008

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