Sunday, 13 April 2008

aa2 - week 06 - recording strings

I wish I had a brown microphone.

A few problems this week.
- Found it impossible to find a string player at university that fit in with potentials :(
- Then my laptop spontaneously died ::( leaving me without some valuable resources...

So, borrowing another laptop I recorded my neighbour playing violin at home using a Rode NT3.

This first recording of a scale was done from above about 1 ft away pointi ng halfway between f-holes and the top of the body. Some eq in the form of a HPF, and a upper shelf to reduce some other noise.

Second the mic pointing more at the f-hole. One of those things that appeared after the recording (in "production") some nasty frequencies appeared in this one :(
Again a HPF, high shelf, and a bit of a bell at around 1150Hz.

Third, much closer mic for some pizzicato style. Using the HPF and high shelf.

Observations included; annoyance at not having a soundproof recording area. Usefulness of a diversity of mic technique when working with limited resources. String players seem much harder to please (university ones that is).

Grice, David. 01 April 2008. Recording Brass/Woodwind Lecture. Adelaide University.

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