Thursday, 10 April 2008

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distribution of david harris listings across the United States

i walked in late to this one. I always enjoy the feeling of having no idea what's going on !! It generally is a good way of watching 98% of movies/television - if you miss the beginning then to a certain extent you don't even know who the baddie is !!

anyhoo, crazy mash up, mmm... after a while into the first extended example I got into the appreciation of different sound qualities overlayed. There were sections where there seemed little interest in "production', more in novelty. This led to interesting sound qualities.
Two days ago I listened to some online demo's of the Rode NT3 microphone, one featured the sound of acoustic guitar through a reverb, with an interesting effect where playing variations would accentuate the high end which would be highlighted in the reverb.
The layering of poorly "produced" vocal samples over highly "produced" rock, was curiously similiar.

then David Harris (unlikely to be represented in above graph), presented his own mash up video to more of Vicki Bennet's mashed muzak. More "bad" pop, and just when I got bored, in came the horrible buzzing noise !! hurrah !!.

random quote from mash-up "the most unwanted music".

related quote from myself "art can be so tedious".

Other related thoughts; this Ms Bennet seems to also have a fine set of ears, and a discerning judge of layering. The pieces were constructed very well, but I felt overall contained far too much clarity in the attention to maintaining recognisability.
I think perhaps these pieces are constructed with the idea of novelty as a selling point !!

Harris, David. Music Technology Forum, presented at the EMU recording space, Adelaide University. 10 April 2008

"Rode Microphones - NT3". (10 April 2008)


Freddie said...

"Crazy mash up" With a phrase like that I'd expect to see a bowl of mashed potatoes instead of some map of the invasion of the David Harris'. Maybe that is too predictable. Maybe we all have become predictable. Predictable? Sounds funny when you say it lots of times. Predictable. Predictable. Predictable. Predictable. Predictable. Now I have become predictable. Swostabooleonaploisation. There. You didn't predict that. Or did you?

John Delany said...

I did

edward kelly said...

i didnt

edward kelly said...

although now that i've come back again, nothings new...

Davidc said...

Thanks Ed now I'll be able to find myself's when in the US

Freddie said...

"although now that i've come back again, nothings new..."

That should have been predictable.