Tuesday, 8 April 2008

cc2 - WEEK 05 - UI Controls and Application State

I though the delay would be easy using some sort of self looping function, but was unable to think of how with the two variables of velocity/pitch. If I'd tried a bit harder perhaps I would have done a few more of those infinite loop thingy errors.

I just went and peeked at Doug's, and realised I've spent far too long on making it look like a keyboard (ish), ha !!! This is software, for doing funny things, not to emulate a physical device and please gear junkies.
That said I take a certain pleasure in its lopsidedness.

I couldn't access my ftp site (at uni) so have posted the patch as text at

What do you know, just had a look once I'd posted everything, and...... I'd forgotten the program change and midi channel.
So a quick copy and paste from week 05, then mapping them to the arrow keys... and hurrah!!!
Haines, Christain. 2008. CC2 - Week 5 - UI Controls and Application State - Planner.pdf

Cycling'74 2006, Max Tutorial, 11/1/2007.

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