Tuesday, 15 April 2008

CC2 - Week 6 - Messaging and Routing

I have made something similiar to the 'stochastic note list' in plogue bidule.

I added a multiplier of the tempo setting it will randomly choose between. Then I added a probability fader to these multiplier selections...

I added a 'drunk' object to the pitch of the delayed notes.
The modulation wheel will change potential step size from preceding note to each suceeding delayed note.

Notes_ using background objects (eg panels) make things annoying to select/move/edit.
_Using the keyboard while keyboard shortcuts are on, can make things interesting... mmm, a keyboard shortcut off switch...
_Adding things over weeks can lead to a disorganised mess. Start again for neatness.
_Left to right ordering is amazingly important !!!

debugging_One of my objects 'constantUrn', is designed to behave like 'Urn', but without the pause at the end of the cycle.. mine, when choosing 3 as the number range, seems to constantly spit out the same cycle :?
_'randsequence' seems to need a seperate reset after loading before it works right.

It's all in a zip at

inside is a folder with all files as .txt in case of incompatibility..

EDIT: I have neatened and updated the patch. 15 05 08.
MORE EDIT: forgot to save .txt version. 18 05 08.

Haines, Christain. 2008. CC2 - Week 6 - Messaging and Routing - Planner.pdf

Cycling'74 2006, Max Tutorial, 11/1/2007,

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