Sunday, 7 October 2007

aa - week 09 - FM synthesis

I got all excited and decided to build a multi-operator FM synth.

Finally I worked it out and got a reasonably manageable (I thought) 4 operator version working.

Using the audio matrix for routing was incredibly useful (especially once I started hitting the random button!!)
Not that all the channels did anything :) 1 - 4 operator in/ out (source and modulation). 8 in LFO. 7 + 8 audio out to mixer.

My major problem was that I forgot about frequency scaling (for melodic style output).
Once that was sorted my major minor problem :) was the oscillator bidule output level - as an audio module versus a modulator module.

The modulator intput I multiplied by the note frequency, which I figured would give me a range of 0hz to the pitch for the modulation freq, which would be adequate with the amplitude range of 0-1.
But this wasn't enough!!! I found to get really effective I needed to crank the output (using up to 10).
I'll have to give this more thought.

Haines, Christian. Audio Arts week 09 lecture. University of Adelaide, 02 October 2007.

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