Wednesday, 17 October 2007

CC - week 10 - integrated setup

I went into studio 5 to once more battle with the Disklavier.

This, the second time, was once again a battle with technology.
And once again, when all hope was lost, rebooting the device saved the day - it only took me an hour to get it working :P Hmmmmph, rebooting a piano

I did spend at least 5 minutes just playing the Disklavier from the Novation just to watch.. and initially when I used both the In and Out on the Novation, I had a 1/2 sec feedback loop happening.. much enjoyment !!
the waves of key movement travelling up and down...

The latency is large enough to effect performance, so I will have to incorporate such into the performance - unless there is another setting yet to explore.

The responses are not always as expected, example being it not always playing the notes the transposition bidule should be playing.. I think this was dependant on note velocity and duration.
This I assume is down to the Disklavier's mechanical action.

And the Midi buffer bidule occasionally decided to not send anything. At this point, I am not sure whether it was actually the bidule or perhaps the Disklavier not reacting.. further research !!

much great advancement on the glorious road to revolution and freedom !!!

The example below is not the best section of the recording I did. However, I did it on my mp3 player without checking, and it is the most free of distortion..

This one features distortion but more piano goodness.

Haines, Christian. Creative Computing week 10 lecture. University of Adelaide, 11 October 2007.

Beaulieu, Sebastien; Trussart, Vincent; Viens, David 2007, Bidule v0.92 user manual,

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