Wednesday, 10 October 2007


I've got to say, that Plogue has been incredibly stable for me at home. So when I went into studio 5 with Freddie, and forgot to save - it crashed. I think it's probably crashed, like, once over the last couple of months...mmmm.
So when it crashed I was, like, totally surprised :P

Anyway, we came out with a bit of experience, and thanks to Freddy, the idea of using an FM oscillator for a modulator - very cool..

So I acheived my finished product at home.

I had trouble getting the relative Parameter Modulator to act in what I considered a coherent manner. Setting it up with an osc producing a Ramp waveform, the modulated parameter just continued to go up + up... even using other waveforms it behaved surprisingly.
Using a triangular wave produced an effect like the wave below. The sine was similiar, and the square like a triangle...

Haines, Christian. Creative Computing week 09 lecture. University of Adelaide, 04 October 2007.

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Plogue, viewed 09/10/2007,

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