Monday, 1 October 2007

mtf - instrument of wobblyness

well i've built the instrument of wobblyness, and well, it's a bit messy...

BUT BEST OF ALL - it's mounted in a cardboard box :)
lo-fi aesthetic for all round budgetness...

At various stages throughout its construction, it went through design changes :)

Last of these was to introduce a seperate power supply for everything that wasn't the tape motor controllers (attempt at noise suppression - that pulse wave just leaks through everything)...and I don't have enough jacks.... so alligator clip mania !!!

Anway, it just begged for a patch bay style interface (more alligator clips), which I'll probably just keep on expanding because there is still a lot of space.

Presently, I am using two walkmans, two square wave oscillators and two ring modulators.

There is space on the Arduino for another 4 motor controllers, 2 square waves, 2 ring modulators and then there's I think 2 more switches on the 2003 chip which could be utilised.

I doubt I'll get as excited as I could, as 2 simultaneous sources with modulation is probably a good level of interactiveness for real time performance - although that pulse wave out of the arduino (driving the motors) through some ring mod sounds great !!

Here's a sample featuring two tapes of speech, and 1 ring mod.

thanks to Seb, for his invaluable assistance, help, aid, facilitation etc....

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