Wednesday, 24 October 2007

CC - Week 11 - integrated setup (3)

I haven't changed the bidule since last week (other than changing various values and a little bit of routing).
Above is obviously a screen shot of Plogue. I didn't take one of Live :( at the time I forgot and didn't save it, keep'n it live and all that.
In Live, I introduced a number of samples into the Simpler and then adjusted individual settings. Also I used a reverb with an edited envelope send.

So thoughts this week ;

I did this using a VSTi style piano for access reasons.. but noticed the main thing is timing. Using midi FX in plogue, and then programming edited piano sounds rhythmic style (in simpler) makes for a bit of an abstract output - so either work on making it more regularly rhythmic or more regularly abstract.

Using semi tuned samples means playing in key - that's just a practice with the final setup style issue.

and I can't quite work out how to change tempo :? humorously enough I just happened to have all the delays in the factors of 250ms and 333ms so it wasn't too bad.

The audio is a 2 minute excerpt from a longer duration.
this should be the address.

Haines, Christian. Creative Computing week 11 lecture. University of Adelaide, 18 October 2007.

Beaulieu, Sebastien; Trussart, Vincent; Viens, David; 2007, Bidule v0.95 user manual,

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