Monday, 15 October 2007

aa - week 10 - additive synthesis

Once again I got a bit too excited with Plogue.

I did the basics; introduced multiple oscillators and gave each one a volume, pitch, filter envelope.
Had an extra fun time by putting summing the individual volumes, and using that as a divider on the end signal to keep it from going to far over 1 (except for those nasty filter squelches)

Then gave the envelopes a negative potential as well..
This caused me to spend a while on neatening up the filter envelope - as the filter cutoff has particular tendencies to bug out when too high or low.. this was one of my extra fun times :) giving it a changing gradient as it got closer to 20.

I also had a bit of fun with polyphonising the whole thing..
I was using mulitple UI's to keep it a reasonable size, and the master UI would call up the individual oscillator UI at request.. however when the whole thing was polyphonised, I would get a UI for each polyphony voice. ie lots..

So this image below is the inside of one oscillator.
I had four of these, and each was polyphonised, and then inside another group.

But by polyphonising in this way had other problems. When I would unpolyphonise so as to edit, the master UI button would disappear - so I would have to replace it.

Here is the 'voice' UI.

Picture of the sound.
All computer game noises this week.

audio is now uploaded !!

Haines, Christian. Audio Arts week 10 lecture. University of Adelaide, 09 October 2007.

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Darren S said...

Whacky stuff, Keep up the excess and experimenting. Yes, you did get excited but easy to do with Plogue, it's addictive and a bit like that. Shame about audio.