Saturday, 3 May 2008

aa2 - week 07 - piano goodness

It's a picture of a mic technique !!

This week to record the grand piano in the EMU space we used a selection of 5 microphones,
a Neumnn u-87 and 89 as a M-S stereo pair, two Rhode NT-5's as spaced pair, and a realistic PZM.

First features the MS with a bit of the PZM thrown in . The MS was placed halfway along inside the lid with the figure 8 along the length of the strings, and the PZM was sitting on a music stand a few feet away from the end of the piano.

This second example features the NT-5's and the figure 8 from the M-S pair. The NT-5's were placed about 12 feet apart on the open side pointing at the raised lid.

third : NT-5's but this time with the middle from the M-S, and the NT-5's were placed on either side of the players head about ear level. A lot of extraneous noises (such as fingernails clicking) but it gives a closeness that the others lacked.

fourth : for this one just the NT-5's still at head level.

The last two captured a closeness that was lacking in the other mic's. It seemed that all the other recordings had more space, and sounded from a listeners perspective rather than a performers perspective.

Other comments, this is such a dynamic instrument - recording levels are very important !!

Grice, David. 29 April 2008. Recording Piano Lecture. Adelaide University.

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