Sunday, 11 May 2008

aa2 - week 8 - mixing basics

I went into uni twice to mix down a recording session I did last year. First time the DVD case was labeled, but the DVD was blank :? Second time, I had found the correct DVD, but left it at home :(

So perusing the EMU storage I found 20 .wav files which made up a track by Brian Eno and David Byrne.

I put them into ProTools, and to continue my clown action, forgot to get a snapshot of anything..

Anyway, here are three different mixes.

Some of the tracks are very noisy, with lots of hiss - enter the LPF.
And the vocal tracks are very nicely badly recorded, sounds like tape distortion and just dodgy tape action in general.
But given that they worked quite a lot together in late '70s early '80s, its quite possible that these tracks are
from those times :0

Generally used EQ to get rid of hiss and fit some sounds together, a bit of reverb, and some compression on the overall mix.

Grice, David. 06 May 2008. Mxing Basics Lecture. Adelaide University.

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