Tuesday, 6 May 2008

cc2 - week 07 - Messaging and Analysis

Missing the lecture for last week left me pondering a bit, but I think what I've done should be more than adequate :)

I've created a 12 tone sequencer, where each tone is given a probability between 0-100 as to whether it will be played. Given that it's output is 1 - 12 that was easily associated with the notes 1 - 12, then an octave chooser was added to give a range.

I thought about adding individual choices for each of the 12 pitches but spent all my time on the other sections.

The phrase length gives a number of possible individual note durations and velocities. I had an amount of fun trying to get the multislider to change size AND remember its settings.

The lists of duration/velocities includes all 8 no matter what size the 'multislider' because it was easier !!

Patch (in text format)



Haines, Christian. 2008. CC2 - Week 7 - Messaging and Analysis - Planner.pdf.

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Cycling'74. 2006. Max Tutorials 30 -33.

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