Tuesday, 13 May 2008

mtf - week 08 - industry nerd jabbering on

In this case, not the parish priest, Peter Dowdall...

Peter Dowdall gave a rather interesting talk on both recording a large ensemble in the EMU space, and working for such multi-nationals as PEPSI. (mmmm, it makes me wonder what pepsi tastes like ?)

His use of organisational skills in the preparatory process of recording gives a good sense of necessities when approaching a recording with such a big set up, and in a space which is not something one is totally familiar with. Hence spending an amount of time prior to the actual session running through the process proves itself invaluable. For example I myself am curious as to exactly how many mic leads there are at EMU, and to hear Peter saying he had to outsource comes as no surprise.

His over the top photographic journal of the experience was also amazing !! Just recently I have had cause to bemoan my own lack of note taking when I was attempting to document some of my past works (like 6 or 7 years ago), and my own experience in the mixing world also brings home to me how bloody good it is to know what's going on now, and what was going on yesterday.

I was also very amused by his description of editing to a grid. Cutting of the end of phrases because fall outside the appropriate length.. I am looking forward to trying it at the appropriate juncture :P It's a bit like slow motion glitch.


Dowdall, Peter. Forum presentation at EMU space, University of Adelaide. 8th of May 2008.

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