Tuesday, 13 May 2008

cc2 - Week 8 - MIDI and Virtual Instrumentation

Since last week I have modified the phrase slider/tables to be more flexible (theoretically up to 128 sliders and including a random selector - non weighted, just random selection).

I added one of these to be a controller modifier, and three line objects for triggered changing values (the bottom one is half speed).

I also found the preset object as a way to load the patch with number boxes with a useful value (with loadmess).

Bugs -
the ramp subjects, are only triggered by a change in the max value OR by the sequencer running.

zip of files


EDIT: have neatened the patch a little and updated the preset so it loads better. 160508.

Haines, Christain. 2008. CC2 - Week - MIDI and Virtual Instrumentation - Planner.pdf

Cycling'74 2006, Max Tutorial, 11/1/2007,

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