Monday, 18 August 2008

aa2 - week 03 - process and planning

Grand Theft Auto III - Vice City.

Please excuse poor quality of video, I havent quite worked out how to capture good quality gaming video but it does feature the sounds as listed below.

Perusing the folder of "audio" in the GTA install folder gives mainly voice samples from the game - storylines and general asides from people. Also ambience in 9-11 minute blocks (eg. beach, city).
The files vary in quality from 112kbps 32kHz mp3 to 128kbps 32kHz mp3, and also occasional wav format of short sounds.

background noises -
quiet city hubub
quiet background ocean
police radio - eg "suspect on foot"
enviroment being interacted with eg. cars hitting poles

bullets hitting car
bullets whizzing by
bullets hitting person
shells hitting ground

cars -
engine starting
engine noises - stationary and passing
car doors - open and close
police sirens
cars interacting with enviroment - eg trying to drive through poles

helicopter -
flying above

game noises -
mission started sound

people -
player footsteps
pedestrian voices - including scream

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