Tuesday, 19 August 2008

cc2 - week 03 - polyphony and instancing.

The poly~ object had some mystery. Or perhaps again it was Max/MSP exhibiting its inscrutable behaviour. It took several patches of attempts, and suddenly it worked !! Another of those unrepeatable moments when one repeats a similar process again but now it works.

Also more inscrutable behaviour by reading an earlier generation object from a portable hard drive with no relation to the patch, nor mentioned in the preferences... highly inscrutable. I would like to know how to find the source path of objects inside patcher windows, perhaps the filepath command would be useful but I have as yet to master it. The ability to find the source path would make debugging so much easier as Max has tendencies to be able to put things in one folder and take from another with not even a wink.

Again I have been forced to take a step back and be aware of the software's simplicity. "Target" exists to enhance useability and flexibility, the ability for user defined voice stealing (polyphony) is a fine and glorious thing.

zip file is at : http://www.box.net/shared/ye6dlrcpbk


Haines, Christian. 2008. 3. Polyphony and Instancing - CC2 - Music and Signal Processing.pdf

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note... blogger seems to be treating anything within <> style as not for common observance, hence I've used ( ) instead

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