Saturday, 9 August 2008

cc2 - week 02 - signal switching and routing

In implementing the mute function, i found the mute~ object not appropriate yet as last weeks object don't feature any sort of cycle~ style object. So I integrated a toggle switch to trigger the line~ up/down. It works very well.

The ek.sinegen~ difficulty was deciding on the GUI, mmm, knobs/sliders or number boxes..

The ek.sawgen~ features an extra step of extending the basic phasor~ object to ramp from -1 to +1, rather than 0 to 1. I just though it was fun.

The GUI draws my attention back to integrating a default state rather than everything reseting to 0 on loading.
Either a loadbang/loadmess, or integrating a preset object to save multiple settings. The inputs in the GUI versions come in handy for a loadmess.

The GUI versions would be more flexible with a signal input as well as non-signal. At this stage implementing this involves having seperate internal channel paths, or perhaps seperate objects .

And after all this time and cross platform irritation it makes me wonder - how much is this blog worth ?

Zip of everything:


Haines, Christian. 2008. 2. Signal Switching and Routing - CC2 - Music and Signal Processing.pdf

Cycling'74. 2006. MSP Tutorials and Topics,

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