Tuesday, 26 August 2008

cc2 - week 04 - synthesis (1)

This weeks excitement was to create an additive synth.

The basics of what I created are ;
12 voice polyphonic additive synth with 6 independent sine wave partials.
Multiplier to give relationship to frequency in, amplitude envelope with adjustable time setting, pan, phase, and output level.

This is given a GUI, and utilised in a bpatcher for the demo patch.

This version utitilises 6 seperate poly.partial~ objects ( 1 for each partial), but am in the process of exploring the potential of a single poly~ object with 72 voices (6 partials * 12 voices). This involves what is currently looking like a convoluted mangle of triggers (having to retrigger each parameter for each voice), but with the just excitement idea of placing poly~ objects inside poly~ objects may be easier ... but I'll wait until I get it working before I get too excited.

This additive synth as it is still gives clicks with voice play back ??? The only thing I can think of is the phase position of the cycle~ when playback starts, but I would assume the function~ acting as an envelope would fix this...

Zip folder = http://ed.growerscollective.com/uni/cc2/week04_02/ek.week04_cc2_additivedemo.zip

EDIT: box.net did something funny with original upload. now i can't even upload with them :?
uploaded somewhere else, fixed link... now should work = ideal !!

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