Sunday, 5 October 2008

aa2 - week 08 - Rocks'n'Diamonds game audio

Rocks'n'Diamonds is a game styllistically based on the 1984 personal computer game Boulderdash.

To complete this project I will have to create about 36 sounds. Including background music, level completed (Hall of Fame), and play action sounds.

Given the era of Boulderdash, the sound Fx for Rocks'n'Diamonds are based on the aesthetic of 1980 computing. The original music with the game were excerpts from music from the period (Tangerine Dream, Propaganda, Alan Parsons Project) and were very low sound quality samples (8 bit 8kHz mono). The current version has these excerpts at a much higher 22khz.

The game action sound features play driven sounds (digging, collecting treasure...) and feature sounds (creatures, dripping...). These sounds are all generally short (generally less than 200 ms). With the repeated sounds (eg monsters), I would like to experiment with longer loops which will give more variety rather than rapidly repeated clicks.

With the obvious visual styling of the game I will keep with the simple sounds reminiscent of 1980's computing. As such I imagine I will use analogue style synthesis, a bit of foley, and low quality samples. In light of the advance in computing power since the game inception, I will not be so concerned with keeping the sounds small but will be able to focus more on higher quality settings with a retro sound.

The game engine does feature the ability to play .mod files. Unfortunately these are not accurately represented on my Windows system so I will not be using this format.

Pre-production form is at:

Haines, Christian. 2008. AA2 - Sound Design Project - Game Audio.pdf

2008. Rocks'n'Diamonds news. (viewed 060october 2008)

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