Sunday, 19 October 2008

aa2 - week 10 - game audio design - ambience

This week's assignment relates to creating in game ambience.

Again sequencing in Ableton Live and setting up the Analog synthesiser with some slight automation to create a spooky windy castle setting, and a deserted computer room with plaintive alarm signal.

This weeks challenge was to make sure they were loopable, which meant going back into Live and adjusting one of the LFO's on the computer room.

The pieces have both been normalised to -1 dB, but both would play back at significantly lower than other sounds. They may also require some equalisation/compression but I feel they need proper contextualising before finalising these.

This final mixdown features one loop of each piece. Computer room at about 12 seconds and the windyness about 20 seconds.

link to files


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