Sunday, 12 October 2008

AA2 - week 09 - game audio design assets

I created these four sounds in Ableton Live using the in-program synthesisers. Shaping the internal synth envelopes, mixer envelopes and using equalisation and bit/sample rate reduction.
Die features a sequence of notes, whereas the others are single notes.

I went in with the idea of making reasonably high fidelity sounding assets, but found myself with fairly dirty(ish) sounds. Perhaps more in tune with my subconscious aesthetic of the game.

The sounds are ; acid_drip (acid dripping), die (player dying), nut_break (breaking a nut), nut_push (pushing a nut).

zip of sound file and asset list :


Haines, Christian. AA2 - Week 9 - Game Audio Design - Assets - Planner.pdf

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Tools and Techniques". Childs, G. W. 2006, Creating Music and Sound for Games,
Thomson Course Technology.

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