Saturday, 25 October 2008

aa2 - week 11 - game music

Creating game music was quite fun. The main challenge was to ensure repetition maintained interest (although this is relative to the amount of time one does spend on the same level !!).

I created two seperate tracks, one fast and one slow for comparitive consideration. Both work reasonable well on the level I tested with - although individual instrument levels could be slightly modified for transparency of game sounds.

Other thoughts ; the music shipped with the game is incredibly lo-fi (8 bit, 22kHz mono), and while I added various forms of retro techniques the new sounds are a bit nice. Whether this will matter to someone with no relative distinction is a potential question. I'm thinking that using low bit rate contemporary style music compression (ie mp3) may add an interesting sheen but this will be explored later (the mp3 as linked at 128kbps may be appropriate).

Upon reconsideration of the task set, I tried to extend the slow piece beyond a 9 second loop but found it purposeless. Because of the shortness I have included the two tracks, each with 2 loopings.

zip file at;


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