Monday, 27 October 2008

cc2 - week 10 - delay

Made a fairly basic delay with feedback, wet/dry, delay time and buffer size settings.

Incorporated an input for modulation which adds incoming signal to internal settings.. works quite well.

I played with using the poly~, got it to have a user input number of taps with the number as a multiplier for delay time. Each tap was full level or again dependant on number of taps, nothing that the other delay didn't acheive.

Couldn't quite think of a useful way to use it. I would like to set individual tap time (which seems to necessitate having a pre-determined number of input variables hence taps) which doesn't seem that much more useful than not using poly~ except maybe a slight reduction in used objects if you turn unused taps off..

Curiousity of the week.
running a float through a [-~ 1] object and getting the output to wrap around zero.


Haines, Christian. 10. Processing - Delay - CC2 - Music and Signal Processing.pdf

Cycling'74 2006, MSP Tutorials and Topics,

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