Friday, 17 October 2008

forum - week 10 - honours presentation

once again the images are tenuously related to textual content.

this weeks award for most exciting presentation goes to Martin Victory for his sonification of network packets !!!

whilst the presentation itself lacked any excitement and razzle dazzle (where were the dancing bears ?), it was the choice of material to sonify that won the day.

i am not particularly au fait with network information, but am aware that computers love chatting to each other and do so within a regular framework. The variety of networking possibilities offer such a myriad of diversity and hence a diverstiy of sonic outcome (insert comparison of University ethernet vs. LAN party gaming mayhem !!).

I would quite like to read the section on sonification which will apparently take up half of his thesis. It is the implementation of sonification that really seperates the wheat from the chaff, the meat from the poison, the tea from the biscuits.

All music comes from the arbitary delineation that is choice (shall I modulate to Eb minor here... or... G# Major ?????), hence the particular application of process (subconscious or conscious) proves the artistic merit. From the limited display of Martin's application, I thought it most definitely supplied the necessary cheese for my biscuit !!

Victory, Martin. "Honours Presentation". Workshop presented at EMU space, level 5 Schultz building, University of Adelaide, 16th of October 2008.

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